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What Driving Habits Should Change in Bad Weather?

Posted on in Traffic Tickets

IL defense lawyerChicago’s Kennedy Expressway experienced a nearly 60 car pileup this Wednesday - the morning of icy conditions more usually seen in the winter months. This crash was a result of a combination of speeding and following too closely. These actions can lead to traffic tickets and fines for smaller crashes where it is obvious who is at fault.

The impact of this major crash was that 14 people were taken to the hospital and several more were treated on-scene. All of this could have been avoided if drivers practiced safer driving habits in the winter-like weather.

Safe Driving Tips for Icy Conditions

The roads become slicker even if it looks like ice is not sticking to the pavement. Drivers should slow their rate of travel because the faster one drives, the less control the driver has if the car starts to slide on the ice.

As for following closely, this action is reckless even if the conditions are not slick because if the car in front brakes suddenly, the driver of the second car has less time to hit their brakes and a rear-end collision can happen.

The Illinois Department of Transportation urges drivers to slow down during inclement weather days. They also encourage drivers to:

  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Put down anything that could distract from driving including cell phones
  • Avoid using cruise control on highways
  • If a snowplow is on the road, do not get too close
  • Be aware of black ice which cannot be seen on pavement
  • Brake carefully when approaching intersections and exit ramps
  • Consider public transportation instead of driving

These tips can help anyone avoid a collision and the resulting traffic citations afterward.

Who Will Be Cited for Causing a Collision in Icy Weather?

Just as with a normal collision, the person whose actions cause the collision will be charged and ticketed. They will also be required to pay compensation to the other driver for injuries or damage done to the vehicle.

For example, in a case where one car is following another too closely and the front car is forced to brake, if the second car strikes the front car, the driver of the second car will be at fault for not keeping a safe distance. On the other hand - in icy conditions - if the second driver is keeping a safe distance, but slides across ice enough to hit the front car, the collision is ruled accidental and both drivers will exchange insurance information.

Contact a Chicago, IL Traffic Ticket Attorney

Some traffic cases are less straight-forward and must be taken to court to decide who is responsible for the collision. Drivers should hire a lawyer from Luisi Legal Group to represent them in court and avoid blame for a crash. To schedule a free consultation with a Cook County traffic ticket lawyer, call our office at 773-276-5541.






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