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Chicago Retail Theft Lawyers

Chicago Retail Theft Attorneys

Skilled Shoplift Attorneys Representing Clients in Cook County

Big box outlets and mom-and-pop stores alike are always looking for new ways to prevent and deter shoplifting and other forms of theft. Each year, retail theft costs businesses throughout the country billions of dollars in revenue. This leads to increased pressure on law enforcement and prosecutors to come down harshly on suspected offenders. At Luisi Legal Group, our Chicago retail theft lawyers believe that every suspect deserves to be treated fairly and to have their constitutional rights fully protected. If you have accused of retail theft, we are ready and willing to provide the responsible, cost-effective representation you need.

The Impact of a Retail Theft Conviction

Under Illinois law, retail theft is a serious crime, with charges ranging from Class A misdemeanor to a Class 2 felony depending on the nature of the offense and the value of the merchandise in question. A conviction, therefore, can lead to expensive fines, probation, and possible prison sentences. However, the negative effect on your life can extend far beyond criminal consequences.

With a retail theft conviction on your record, employers may be less likely to hire you and landlords less willing to offer you housing. If you are not a United States citizen, you may face increased difficulty remaining in the country legally. The experienced team at Luisi Legal Group is equipped to help you avoid such consequences, no matter how serious the charges against you may be.

Shoplifting and Price-Switching Defense Lawyers

The most common form of retail theft is shoplifting, but there are many other types of activities prosecutable as retail theft. Charges of retail theft may also include:

  • Employee Misconduct - Under-ringing merchandise, removing merchandise from the sales floor, or employee theft.
  • Price-Switching - Changing price tags on merchandise to avoid paying full retail price.
  • Self-Checkout Fraud: Using self-serve checkout machines to avoid paying for merchandise.
  • Counterfeit Coupons/Discount Codes - Presenting unauthorized or doctored manufacturer coupons or digital discount codes.
  • Refund Fraud - Returning an item that was never purchased and receiving a refund, usually as store credit.
  • Credit Card Theft - Using a stolen credit or debit card to purchase merchandise.

Whatever the charges are against you, our Chicago retail theft lawyers will work toward finding a resolution that avoids conviction and allows you to move forward with your life. This could include getting the charges dismissed completely, negotiating a more reasonable plea deal with prosecutors, or pursuing diversion programs as an alternative to conviction.

Experienced Legal Counsel in Chicago

For more than 15 years, the lawyers at Luisi Legal Group have represented clients throughout the region charged with shoplifting and other forms of retail theft. During that time, we have developed a well-earned reputation as attorneys who know how to get results, with an impressive record of notable victories and favorable verdicts. While no two situations are the same, we have handled many cases similar to yours, and we have won many cases similar to yours.

If you are facing charges of retail theft or shoplifting, turn to the team that will make your future a top priority. Contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation. We are ready to help you understand your options and provide answers to any questions. Call 773-276-5541 to learn more. Our firm is proud to serve clients in and around Chicago, Bucktown, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and across the Cook County area. Hablamos Español.

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