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Why You Need an Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately After an Arrest

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One reason you need to hire an attorney immediately after an arrest is for the purposes of preserving evidence. There are many types of evidence that can exonerate you, but some are only available for a short time. Certain evidence, such as video of the event in question, must be collected and preserved within just a few days.

If surveillance or other video footage shows that you did not commit the crime for which you were arrested, such evidence will be crucial to your defense. Your attorney must act quickly, however, or the video may be overwritten and no longer usable.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Chicago

When you have been arrested on suspicion of any criminal activity, you need an attorney right away. In addition to preserving evidence, there are many other reasons to retain legal counsel immediately. An experienced lawyer will also ensure that your rights are fully protected. You should never agree to questioning without an attorney present, no matter how much law enforcement officials suggest otherwise. Whether you have been charged with DUI, drug possession, or a violent crime, it is crucial to have a lawyer at your side

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In any criminal matter, the attorney you choose can make a difference. When you work with Luisi Legal Group, we will go to work immediately, preserving any and all available evidence and helping you to protect your constitutional rights. At our law firm, we believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, and we will ensure that you receive fair treatment from law enforcement at every stage of the criminal justice process.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact our office right way. Call 773-276-5541 to schedule your free, confidential consultation with Luisi Legal Group. We are proud to serve clients throughout all of the neighborhoods of Cook County, including Chicago, Lincoln Park, Humboldt Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, and Logan Square.

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